Patient-Focused Physician-Owned

Lafayette Surgical Offers Orthopedic surgery, Neurological surgery, and more.

As a patient-focused and physician directed hospital, you can rest assured that all of our services are designed to bring you the utmost in quality care, comfort and compassion.

Specialty Surgeries

Our facility features eight spacious operating rooms designed for optimal functionality across multiple types of surgeries.


We specialize in a wide range of surgical and pain management procedures, with the ultimate goal of providing excellence in patient care every day.

Physician-Owned Specialty Hospitals

Today, more patients choose specialty hospitals for their care.

The saying that the only constant in life is change is truer today than ever before. Especially in regards to health care. From amazing new diagnostic tools, aptly named “miracle” drugs, innovative procedures, and state-of-the-art equipment modern health care offers an exciting and sometimes bewildering array of choices. Choice is proving to be a change agent. Especially when it comes to the choice of a health care facility that delivers the specialized care consumers want and deserve.

High Quality

Whether Medicare’s data or Consumer Reports, physician-owned hospitals are delivering safe, high quality medical care. Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital in particular has been consistently recognized for superior patient care.

Cost Effectiveness

Studies show that physician-owned hospitals actually cost Medicare less per patient than most other facilities, and health plan rates are competitive to those at other hospitals.

Patient Satisfaction

Every survey of patient satisfaction, whether done in-house or by another organization, shows that patients are extremely satisfied with the care they receive in physician-owned hospitals.

Community Contribution

Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital provides hundreds of jobs, contributes to the local economy through payroll and purchases for goods and services, and contributes via tax revenue as a for profit hospital.


Our scores for satisfaction speak for themselves.

Since we opened in March 2004, we have consistently maintained a 98-99% overall patient satisfaction rate. In addition to high patient satisfaction rates, our employees and physicians also have higher than 95% overall satisfaction rates. In keeping this tradition, we strive daily to identify ways to exceed customer expectations at all levels.


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My husband and I both have chronic illnesses so we have been in numerous hospitals. This was the most pleasant experience we have ever had. The staff was very accommodating and when you called the nurses station someone came to the room immediately. The food was even the best hospital food. Recommend to anyone.


My son had his adenoids taken out and tubes put in. Everybody from the front desk to recovery was awesome! My toddler was a handful but they did everything they could to make all of us comfortable.


I rate this hospital and my experience a 5 out of 5 stars. I have to say that the facility is very clean. Precautions are taken to protect the hospital, staff, and patients against Covid. I would not hesitate to recommend Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital to anyone. Just can’t say enough positive things about the hospital and all the staff. Thank you!


My stay at Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital was the best. Everyone was compassionate and professional. I only suffered minimal pain. The food was excellent; the hospital was very clean and orderly. I’m very particular about cleanliness and the hospital met even my tough standards. Everyone was so kind. God Bless.

-Sharon, Lafayette, LA