Robotic-assisted surgery is a relatively new tool that aims to enhance a surgeon’s capabilities during surgery. Most often, robotic-assisted surgical procedures are executed through small incisions and are considered minimally invasive. With smaller incisions there is normally less scarring and shorter recovery times.

At Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital, we use the innovative ROSA® system to assist with total joint replacement of the knee and hip. Developed by Zimmer Biomet, the ROSA® Robotic Technology uses real-time data to create a map of each individual patient for optimal placement and overall comfort for years after surgery. Currently there are three surgeons at LSSH that specialize in robotic procedures, including Adam Perry, MD, Malcolm Stubbs, MD, and Michael Duval, MD.


The ROSA® Robotics for Knee Replacement is designed to assist the surgeon in the removal and replacement of damaged cartilage, ligaments, and joint bones with pinpoint accuracy. Patients who have their knee replacement with the ROSA® system will have optimal soft tissue balancing in hopes of improving the function of the knee replacement and the longevity of its performance.


ROSA® Robotics for Hip Replacement procedures are helpful in precisely assisting with alignment and limb length utilizing the anterior approach to the hip, which will preserve muscular attachment, minimizing pain and limp after surgery. Preservation of muscles and increased accuracy in placement of components has yielded lower dislocation rates compared to older traditional methods and techniques.

What Makes Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital Different?

Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital is a dedicated surgical facility. Our surgeons, physicians, technicians, nurses, and other staff members are here solely to aid you through your surgical procedure, and to minimize the pain, trauma, and recovery time associated with even the most difficult surgical procedures. We focus on you, your recovery, and your needs to allow you a patient-centered surgical experience.


This is in contrast to large hospitals that have been built with general care in mind – while they may offer a dedicated surgical ward, you’re unlikely to receive the same level of care.


Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital boasts a 98% patient satisfaction rate, and our physician-owned model has been noted as one of the best in the region – Modern Healthcare rated our facility as one of the “Best Places To Work”.

Our specializations include:

If you’ve been experiencing chronic joint pain of the hip or knee, it may be time to talk with your physician about a joint replacement. The benefits of robotic joint replacement far outweigh the risks and the degrading quality of life resulting from joint pain. You can get back to the things you love to do, with help of our specially trained surgeons at Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital. A new knee or hip for a more active you – with ROSA® Robotics Technology.


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My husband and I both have chronic illnesses so we have been in numerous hospitals. This was the most pleasant experience we have ever had. The staff was very accommodating and when you called the nurses station someone came to the room immediately. The food was even the best hospital food. Recommend to anyone.


My son had his adenoids taken out and tubes put in. Everybody from the front desk to recovery was awesome! My toddler was a handful but they did everything they could to make all of us comfortable.


I rate this hospital and my experience a 5 out of 5 stars. I have to say that the facility is very clean. Precautions are taken to protect the hospital, staff, and patients against Covid. I would not hesitate to recommend Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital to anyone. Just can’t say enough positive things about the hospital and all the staff. Thank you!


My stay at Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital was the best. Everyone was compassionate and professional. I only suffered minimal pain. The food was excellent; the hospital was very clean and orderly. I’m very particular about cleanliness and the hospital met even my tough standards. Everyone was so kind. God Bless.

-Sharon, Lafayette, LA