The importance of a great orthopedic surgeon cannot be overemphasized. Joint surgeries and other delicate musculoskeletal surgeries are difficult to perform well, and only an experienced, board-certified surgeon can guarantee that your hip replacement, knee replacement, or other complicated surgery is successful, and that your recovery is quick and complete with minimal physical therapy requirements.


Currently, we have 2 orthopedic surgeons who are certified to perform this surgery at Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital.

Interested in learning more about ROSA, please see the informational video

For more information on our new Zimmer/Biomet ROSA Robotic technology, email us at info@lafayettesurgical.com or call us at 337-769-4100.

“For everyone involved – surgeons, medical staff and, most importantly, patients – ROSA® Knee offers a number of key benefits and advantages,” stated Dr. Malcolm Stubbs who additionally serves as Chairman of the Governing Board at LSSH. “We know the decision to have joint replacement is often a difficult one for patients to make, and we believe these robotically-assisted technologies have the potential to make it an easier one moving forward.” A fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

Total joint replacement is one of the most commonly performed, elective surgical procedures in the United States.1 For more information on how patients may benefit from using ROSA® Knee for total knee replacement, contact Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital at info@lafayettesurgical.com or  337-769-4100.

Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital is proud to announce the commencement of a robotics-assisted joint replacement program using the Zimmer Biomet ROSA® Knee System. Dr. Adam Perry of Louisiana Orthopaedic Specialists (“LOS”) successfully completed the first surgery utilizing this advanced surgical technology. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Malcolm Stubbs of Lafayette Bone and Joint Clinic is also trained and certified with ROSA® and is currently offering this surgical option to his patients. Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital is the first hospital in Acadiana and second in the State to offer this technology.

Orthopedic surgeons and the medical staff at LSSH are excited to introduce Zimmer Biomet’s ROSA® Knee System, which brings together robotic technology with industry-leading knee implants allowing surgeons to personalize procedures for their patients. As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Perry was instrumental in working with LSSH to bring this technology to Acadiana. ROSA® Knee is a robotic surgical system designed to assist orthopedic surgeons performing total knee replacement surgery. The robotics platform provides three-dimensional mapping of the patient’s anatomy using plain x-ray or even imageless in order to facilitate implant positioning intraoperatively. The real-time data provided by ROSA® Knee assists in complex decision-making and enables surgeons to leverage technology to control and move surgical instruments, allowing for greater precision and flexibility during procedures.

You can trust Lafayette Surgical Hospital with all of your orthopedic surgery needs. Our staff, nurses, and surgical doctors are dedicated to performing minimally invasive surgeries, complex diagnostics, and incredible after-surgery recovery treatment, whether you need a few days of physical therapy or a comprehensive, dedicated rehabilitation program.

What Makes Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital Different?

Our facilities are built to suit your specific to your surgical needs. We have eight operating rooms and three procedure rooms that accommodate over 8,000 annual patients, and our physician-owned facility maintains patient satisfaction rates of over 98%.


Our dedicated, skilled orthopedic surgeons and staff have decades of experience performing delicate operations on patients of all ages and fitness levels.


Whether you’re a young athlete who has suffered a painful ACL tear and is looking to get back to your sport as quickly as possible, or a senior who needs a delicate joint replacement procedure, we will always do our best to ensure that the surgery is minimally invasive, fast, and allows you to recover with minimal physical therapy.


We’re dedicated to patient outcomes – that’s what makes us special. We’re here to serve, and when you come in for a diagnostic and treatment plan, you’ll feel the difference as soon as you walk in the door.

Our specializations include:

If you’re not sure exactly what sort of injury you’re suffering from, come in for a full diagnostic report. Our trained technicians specialize in locating the cause of every orthopedic injury, and can design a surgical solution or physical therapy regimen to help you recover quickly and get back in the action.


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My husband and I both have chronic illnesses so we have been in numerous hospitals. This was the most pleasant experience we have ever had. The staff was very accommodating and when you called the nurses station someone came to the room immediately. The food was even the best hospital food. Recommend to anyone.


My son had his adenoids taken out and tubes put in. Everybody from the front desk to recovery was awesome! My toddler was a handful but they did everything they could to make all of us comfortable.


I rate this hospital and my experience a 5 out of 5 stars. I have to say that the facility is very clean. Precautions are taken to protect the hospital, staff, and patients against Covid. I would not hesitate to recommend Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital to anyone. Just can’t say enough positive things about the hospital and all the staff. Thank you!


My stay at Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital was the best. Everyone was compassionate and professional. I only suffered minimal pain. The food was excellent; the hospital was very clean and orderly. I’m very particular about cleanliness and the hospital met even my tough standards. Everyone was so kind. God Bless.

-Sharon, Lafayette, LA