Frequently Asked Questions

We have an open visitation policy, which means that visitors are welcome at any time. If someone is staying at the hospital while you are having an out-patient procedure, we will update them along the way so they are informed on your progress. If your procedure requires an overnight stay, each room is furnished to allow one family member or friend (16 years of age or older) to spend the night with you. And if you don’t feel up to having visitors, tell the staff and we will limit the number of visitors and the time they are allowed to visit.

Any mail, flowers, or packages should be addressed to the patient and will be delivered to their room. Any deliveries that are received after the patient is discharged will be forwarded to their home.


We do not have a full-service cafeteria located within our facility. Enjoy fresh Community Coffee in our lobby throughout the day at no charge. Vending machines stocked with soft drinks, snacks, candy, and sandwiches are available in the hospital lobby. The Heart Hospital, located on our campus within walking distance, has a cafeteria with a salad bar and hot lunches. If these options don’t appeal to you, our receptionist can provide information about restaurants near the hospital.


We do not have a gift shop inside our hospital.


Yes, as a courtesy to our guests, we provide free WiFi access. Ask the receptionist for the access information.


Family and friends may dial directly to patient rooms by dialing 769 – 4 + the room number.


Our patients benefit because our physicians are directly involved all aspects of the delivery of their healthcare. We provide amenities such as private rooms, family accommodations, a quiet and relaxing environment, specialized treatment of procedures, and an accessible and attentive nursing staff. We believe in providing high quality care in a patient-centered environment. This can be measured by indicators such as staff specialization, clinical staff per patient, low infection rates, and low complication rates.


Your physician determines the order of surgery and other procedures on the day before your scheduled procedure. We will call you on the afternoon before your surgery to tell you what time to arrive at our hospital.


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